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Club Records

The Club's Record list of fish is impressive, with many anglers achieving catches that the many of us can only aspire to.

Below is a copy of our Club Records to celebrate these catches and inspire the rest of us to get out fishing to add our names to the list.

Senior Shore

Specie Weight Claimed Angler Year
Bass 13lb 10oz Yes Mark Bryce 2013
Bream, Black 2lb 7oz Yes Mark Bryce 2010
Bream, Couches 1lb 9oz Yes Scott Hood 2003
Bream, Gilthead 12lb 2oz Yes Rob Wheaton 2017
Brill 1lb 5oz Yes Nick Bennett 1987
Bull Huss 18lb 5oz Yes Rob Wheaton 2002
Coalfish 3lb 8oz Yes Barry Vosper 1991
Cod 35lb 8oz Yes Peter Fulton 1990
Conger Eel 55lb 0oz Yes Peter Fulton 2000
Dab 1lb 14oz 8dr Yes Tom Sleep 1985
Dogfish 3lb 7oz Yes Steve Nicholson 2016
Flounder 4lb 0oz Yes Stewart Gray 2008
Garfish 2lb 1oz Yes Mike Hodge 2007
Gurnard, Grey 1lb 7oz 8dr Yes Tom Sleep 1980
Gurnard, Red 1lb 6oz Yes Mark Hayman 2017
Gurnard, Tub 1lb 8oz Yes Peter Morris 1982
Mackerel 2lb 6oz 8dr Yes Lee Vosper 2004
Mackerel, Chub 0lb 14oz Yes Mark Ancill 2017
Mullet, Golden Grey 2lb 8oz Yes Rob Wheaton 2014
Mullet, Red 2lb 10oz 8dr Yes Rob Yorke 2002
Mullet, Thick Lip 8lb 10oz Yes Rob Wheaton 1995
Mullet, Thin Lip 4lb 0oz Yes Rob Wheaton 1993
Plaice 4lb 13oz Yes Mike Hodge 2010
Pollack 12lb 6oz 8dr Yes Mark Hayman 2017
Pouting 3lb 4oz Yes Mark Bryce 2009
Ray, Blonde 29lb 0oz Yes Rob Yorke 2016
Ray, Small Eyed 14lb 13oz 8dr Yes Carl Mccormack 2014
Ray, Spotted 7lb 9oz Yes Roger Birt 1990
Ray, Thornback 17lb 11oz Yes Rob Wheaton 2000
Ray, Undulate 15lb 13oz Yes Carl Mccormack 2015
Red Band Fish 0lb 4oz 8dr Yes Steve Knight 1992
Rockling, 3 Bearded 2lb 9oz Yes Rob Wheaton 2007
Scad 1lb 5oz Yes Scott Hood 2010
Silver Eel 3lb 0oz 8dr Yes Roger Ball 1979
Smoothhound 17lb 5oz Yes Carl Mccormack 2015
Smoothhound, Starry 17lb 0oz Yes Rob Yorke 2016
Sole 3lb 0oz Yes Rob Wheaton 2010
Spurdog 13lb 12oz 8dr Yes Scott Clark 2018
Tope 20lb 14oz Yes Gav Cuthbertson 2018
Triggerfish 3lb 10oz Yes Stewart Gray 2004
Turbot 11lb 6oz Yes Andy Webb 2017
Whiting 2lb 15oz Yes Stewart Gray 2012
Wrasse, Ballan 7lb 9oz Yes Scott Hood 1998
Wrasse, Cuckoo 0lb 13oz Yes Malcolm Roe 1978

Junior Shore

Specie Weight Claimed Angler Year
Bass 6lb 2oz Yes Charlie Gray 2014
Bream, Gilthead 2lb 10oz Yes Charlie Gray 2010
Coalfish 1lb 8oz Yes Richard Hunt 1987
Conger Eel 31lb 7oz Yes Jack Crook 2007
Dab 0lb 12oz 8dr Yes Charlie Gray 2013
Dogfish 2lb 9oz Yes Charlie Gray 2013
Flounder 3lb 6oz Yes Charlie Gray 2012
Garfish 1lb 1oz 12dr Yes Evie Gallagher 2016
Gurnard, Tub 1lb 8oz Yes Tom Anning 2011
Mackerel 2lb 1oz Yes Charlie Gray 2008
Mullet, Red 1lb 7oz Yes Patrick Faulton 2008
Mullet, Thick Lip 4lb 7oz 8dr Yes Andrew Sweet 1999
Pollack 3lb 1oz Yes Jack Crook 2007
Pouting 2lb 1oz Yes Charlie Gray 2013
Ray, Small Eyed 9lb 6oz Yes Charlie Gray 2012
Ray, Thornback 17lb 1oz Yes Thomas Bromley 2008
Rockling, 3 Bearded 1lb 9oz Yes Alan Poad 1980
Scad 1lb 2oz Yes Phoebe Nicholson 2014
Smoothhound 8lb 12oz Yes Charlie Gray 2012
Triggerfish 2lb 7oz Yes Charlie Gray 2005
Whiting 1lb 11oz Yes Patrick Faulton 2008
Wrasse, Ballan 4lb 14oz Yes Patrick Faulton 2007

Senior Boat

Specie Weight Claimed Angler Year
Angler Fish 22lb 10oz Yes Frank Mills 1984
Bass 14lb 5oz Yes Graham Eden 1999
Bream, Black 4lb 5oz Yes Joe Uren 1983
Bream, Red 5lb 1oz Yes Paul Thomas 1977
Brill 7lb 8oz 8dr Yes Mike Thomas 1994
Bull Huss 14lb 0oz Yes Terry Bryant 1979
Coalfish 26lb 8oz Yes John Vincent 1975
Cod 36lb 4oz Yes Joe Uren 1984
Conger Eel 91lb 13oz Yes Graham Eden 1994
Dab 0lb 10oz Yes Phillip Mills 1972
Dogfish 2lb 11oz Yes Dave Tippett 1989
Flounder 2lb 12oz 8dr Yes John Coles 1993
Garfish 2lb 6oz Yes James Eden 2007
Gurnard, Grey 1lb 2oz 8dr Yes John Coles 1994
Gurnard, Red 1lb 9oz 8dr Yes Joe McFarlane 1975
Gurnard, Tub 3lb 15oz Yes Dave Gicquel 2018
Haddock 5lb 0oz Yes Tony Swain 2015
Hake 13lb 6oz Yes Brian Kingsland 1984
John Dory 2lb 11oz 8dr Yes James Eden 2005
Ling 44lb 0oz Yes Tom Lam 1977
Mackerel 2lb 10oz Yes Brian Kingsland 1982
Mackerel, Chub 1lb 0oz No
Megrim 0lb 11oz 8dr Yes Tony Swain 2013
Mullet, Thick Lip 3lb 14oz Yes Steve Nicholson 2014
Plaice 4lb 0oz Yes Albert Taylor 1977
Pollack 24lb 4oz Yes Paul Thomas 1977
Pouting 3lb 15oz Yes Dave Gicquel 1992
Ray, Blonde 24lb 4oz Yes William Ansari 2017
Ray, Cuckoo 4lb 14oz 4dr Yes Mike Thomas 1981
Ray, Small Eyed 12lb 6oz Yes Lloyd Carty 2018
Ray, Thornback 18lb 0oz Yes Vic Tobin 1981
Red Band Fish 0lb 3oz Yes Tony Swain 2014
Scad 1lb 6oz Yes P Pepperell 1974
Shark, Blue 145lb 0oz Yes Gav Cuthbertson 2018
Shark, Porbeagle 56lb 0oz Yes Terry Bryant 1981
Smoothhound 11lb 6oz Yes Tony Swain 2018
Smoothhound, Starry 14lb 10oz Yes Tony Swain 2018
Sole 2lb 3oz 8dr Yes Scott Smy 1999
Spurdog 21lb 10oz Yes Tony Swain 2017
Tope 44lb 0oz Yes Lee Vosper 2009
Turbot 16lb 14oz Yes Terry Bryant 1977
Whiting 5lb 1oz Yes Charlie Gray 1978
Wrasse, Ballan 5lb 12oz Yes Peter Morris 1982
Wrasse, Cuckoo 1lb 4oz 8dr Yes Terry Bryant 1982

Junior Boat

Specie Weight Claimed Angler Year
Bass 10lb 12oz Yes James Eden 2007
Bream, Black 3lb 5oz Yes James Eden 2008
Bream, Red 1lb 9oz 8dr Yes Steven Roe 1980
Bull Huss 11lb 6oz Yes James Eden 2002
Coalfish 6lb 4oz Yes James Eden 2004
Cod 16lb 11oz Yes Thomas Bromley 2009
Conger Eel 58lb 3oz Yes James Eden 2007
Dogfish 2lb 5oz 8dr Yes James Eden 2000
Flounder 2lb 4oz Yes Josh Johnson 2018
Garfish 2lb 6oz Yes James Eden 2007
Gurnard, Grey 0lb 15oz Yes James Eden 2005
Gurnard, Red 1lb 2oz Yes James Eden 2006
Herring 0lb 11oz Yes James Eden 2003
John Dory 2lb 11oz 8dr Yes James Eden 2005
Ling 17lb 12oz Yes James Eden 2005
Mackerel 1lb 15oz Yes James Eden 2007
Mullet, Thick Lip 3lb 12oz 8dr Yes Jasmine Nicholson 2014
Plaice 3lb 3oz Yes Tom Anning 2012
Pollack 21lb 1oz 8dr Yes James Eden 2005
Pouting 2lb 8oz Yes James Eden 2000
Ray, Small Eyed 6lb 4oz Yes Andrew Penhallurick 1981
Ray, Thornback 8lb 3oz Yes Kevin Mills 1982
Scad 0lb 14oz Yes James Eden 1999
Smoothhound, Starry 12lb 5oz Yes James Eden 2005
Tope 19lb 7oz Yes Tom Anning 2012
Whiting 3lb 0oz Yes James Eden 2003
Wrasse, Ballan 4lb 14oz Yes James Eden 2002
Wrasse, Cuckoo 1lb 3oz Yes James Eden 2000

Catch And Release

Specie Weight Claimed Angler Year
Angler Fish 0lb 0oz No
Bass 10lb 7oz 8dr No Scott Clark 2018
Bream, Black 0lb 0oz No
Bream, Couches 1lb 4oz No Mike Hodge 2017
Bream, Gilthead 7lb 2oz No Rob Wheaton 2017
Bream, Red 0lb 0oz No
Brill 0lb 0oz No
Bull Huss 16lb 1oz No Richard Albones 2017
Coalfish 0lb 0oz No
Cod 10lb 1oz No Steve King 2016
Common Skate 156lb 0oz No Nathan Giddy 2018
Conger Eel 53lb 5oz No Mike Hodge 2015
Dab 0lb 0oz No
Dogfish 3lb 0oz No Rob Yorke 2018
Flounder 2lb 12oz 8dr No Scott Smy 2018
Garfish 1lb 1oz 12dr No Evie Gallagher 2016
Gurnard, Grey 0lb 0oz No
Gurnard, Red 1lb 6oz No Mark Hayman 2017
Gurnard, Tub 0lb 0oz No
Haddock 0lb 0oz No
Hake 0lb 0oz No
Halibut 0lb 0oz No
Herring 0lb 0oz No
John Dory 0lb 0oz No
Ling 0lb 0oz No
Mackerel 1lb 0oz No Isla Gallagher 2018
Mackerel, Chub 0lb 0oz No
Megrim 0lb 0oz No
Monkfish 0lb 0oz No
Mullet, Golden Grey 0lb 0oz No
Mullet, Red 0lb 0oz No
Mullet, Thick Lip 5lb 15oz No Rob Wheaton 2016
Mullet, Thin Lip 3lb 10oz 8dr No Steve Arnold 2018
Plaice 3lb 8oz 8dr No Steve Arnold 2016
Pollack 0lb 0oz No
Poor Cod 0lb 0oz No
Pouting 2lb 5oz 8dr No Mark Bryce 2016
Ray, Blonde 29lb 0oz No Rob Yorke 2016
Ray, Cuckoo 0lb 0oz No
Ray, Small Eyed 12lb 10oz No John Berry 2015
Ray, Spotted 6lb 9oz 8dr No Steve Nicholson 2017
Ray, Thornback 13lb 8oz No Danny Clegg 2016
Ray, Undulate 15lb 13oz No Carl Mccormack 2015
Red Band Fish 0lb 0oz No
Rockling, 3 Bearded 2lb 2oz No Scott Clark 2015
Scad 0lb 14oz 8dr No Steve Nicholson 2017
Shark, Blue 0lb 0oz No
Shark, Porbeagle 0lb 0oz No
Shark, Thresher 0lb 0oz No
Silver Eel 0lb 0oz No
Smoothhound 15lb 12oz No Rob Wheaton 2016
Smoothhound, Starry 17lb 0oz No Rob Yorke 2016
Sole 1lb 14oz No Steve King 2016
Spurdog 12lb 12oz No Gav Cuthbertson 2018
Tope 27lb 8oz No Mark Bryce 2019
Triggerfish 0lb 0oz No
Turbot 0lb 0oz No
Whiting 1lb 15oz No Joe Gardner 2016
Wrasse, Ballan 5lb 10oz No Rob Wheaton 2017
Wrasse, Cuckoo 0lb 0oz No