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About Us

Honorary President: Ron Bradley

Rodbenders S.A.C. (1968 - 2008: 40th Anniversary of Foundation)

(Affiliated to The Angling Trust and the Plymouth Federation of Sea Angling Clubs and Individual Sea Anglers)

Secretary/Records Officer

Brian Dennis
39 Crossway, Woodford
(01752 338192)


John Vincent
Yew Cottage
16 Staddiscombe Road
(01752 491364)


John Hunt
3 Critchards
(01395 232169)

Competitions Co-ordinator

Robert Wheaton
80 Reddicliff Close
(01752 295590)

Social Secretary

Michael Hodge
36 Oreston Road
(01752 491725)

General Information

The Rodbenders Sea Angling Club, which was founded in 1968, enjoys an enviable local reputation as a successful but small and friendly club that encourages enthusiastic competition both amongst the 35 or so members within the club and in inter-club competitions. Social and fund raising events in which we are always anxious to involve members’ wives or partners are arranged from time to time and are usually well supported.

The origins of the club are linked to a period when superb catches were regularly made over deep-water wrecks in particular but as costs rose, enthusiasm for club organised boat trips declined and no charters are now undertaken.

Whilst the membership includes 3 or 4 individuals who occasionally boat fish, shore angling is now the main focus of club activities and many notable successes have been recorded in both local inter-club and open competitions by club teams and by individual members.

The club is very active in the annual Plymouth & District Shore League, an inter-club Competition for teams of four, organised into two Divisions with a promotion and relegation format, which extends over ten twenty-four hour matches held between May - January and which is keenly contested by the participating clubs. The club has won both the Knock Out Cup and League Championship on a number of occasions; the most recent success in the former was in 2004 and the latter in 2008. The club now enter three teams in this competition, the Raiders (formed in 1999) who compete in Division 1 and the Rebels (formed in 2009) and Rodbenders in Division 2. All members wishing and available to fish in this weekend held competition have the opportunity of doing so.

All fish (with the exception of “mini-species”) caught by members and weighed in accordance with the club rules and procedures are normally eligible for entry for club, Plymouth Federation, Wyvern Division and Angling Trust awards and competitions. However, anglers should note that the two latter organisations will not accept, for either monthly or annual awards, any fish that have formed part of a catch that has been or is intended to be sold.

As well as a Fish of the Month Competition, the club has a wide range of trophies awarded on an annual basis for the best specimens of a variety of species or combination of particular species caught from boat and shore by senior members. Other competitions include an Open Shore Championship event and a Matchman Competition; the latter is a knock out competition that begins in May with each round being fished over one month.

There are also a range of trophies for which junior members may compete although the club does not currently have a discrete junior section and no activities are arranged specifically for the very young.

Copies of the following items are obtainable from the Secretary/Records Officer:-

  1. the club’s Constitution and Rules;
  2. details of the weigh-in procedure;
  3. the Specimen Fish List;
  4. the club Record Fish List.

As a club affiliated to The Angling Trust, members are expected to comply with all appropriate rules, including the national body’s Fundamental Rules and the Festival and Competition Rules which restricts affiliated club members to the use of not more than two rods with a maximum of three hooks between the two rods or two pennel mounted baits between two rods. In the latter case, only one pennel mounted bait is allowed on each rod and so constructed that the measurement between the eyes of the two hooks does not exceed 10 cms. for shore fishing.

Fish are normally only acceptable for weigh-in and/or registration if:-

  1. they fulfil the Angling Trust’s minimum weights and sizes; and
  2. are at least 40% (in the case of Junior members – 33%) of the Plymouth Federation Specimen Fish List, with the exception of fish caught and recorded in Plymouth Federation Shore League matches.

However, the club also supports measures to protect the environment and conserve fish stocks and members are expected to return to the water alive whenever possible fish that are undersize, not intended to be eaten or not needed to be kept for any other purpose.

The Secretary/Records Officer is normally available to weigh-in fish up to midnight on most nights but members are advised to ring him first to ensure that he is at home and so avoid a wasted journey.

Although Newsletters are produced from time to time on an irregular basis and sent via e-mail to those with internet access, the monthly meetings are regarded as the normal means by which information about club activities, etc is communicated to members. These take place on the last Wednesday of each month and are held at The Morley Arms in Billacombe Road, Plymouth (7.45 p.m for 8.00 p.m. start).

Information about club affairs, records and activities as well as useful links to other angling sources can be accessed through the club’s website

The club is run on a friendly and generally informal basis and new members are particularly welcome. Those attending their first meeting should on arrival make themselves known to a member of the Executive Committee.

The annual subscription rates for membership, normally for period 1 December – 30 November payable by 28 February are as follows:-

Seniors - (Angling Trust members) £10
Seniors - (Non Trust members) £12
Students and those of retirement age £6
Juniors (under 16) £1
Family membership (to include wife/partner and children under 16) £14

Further information about the club and how to join is obtainable from Brian Dennis, Secretary/Records Officer (01752-338192) (e-mail