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Welcome to the Rodbenders Sea Angling Club website.

Rodbenders have been around since 1968, based in Plymouth and are one of the top angling clubs in the South West.

Keep up to date with the latest catches, news and images, find club information such as our minimum weights, club records or download documents such as weigh slips and membership forms.

Latest Newsletter

20th Mar

Latest Catches

Angler Specie Weight Area Date Percentage
Scott Clark Spurdog 13lb 12oz 8dr Shore 24/02/2018 137.81%
Gav Cuthbertson Spurdog 12lb 12oz Shore 24/02/2018 127.50%
Rob Yorke Dogfish 3lb Shore 23/02/2018 109.09%
Rob Yorke Spurdog 10lb 3oz Shore 23/02/2018 101.88%
Lloyd Carty Bull Huss 8lb 15oz Shore 16/02/2018 89.38%
Steve Nicholson Mullet, Thick Lip 4lb 7oz Shore 16/02/2018 104.41%
Harvey Nicholson Whiting 1lb 2oz Shore 03/02/2018 69.23%
Steve Nicholson Whiting 1lb 3oz Shore 03/02/2018 73.08%
Lloyd Carty Ray, Small Eyed 9lb 12oz Shore 30/01/2018 108.33%
Tony Swain Flounder 1lb 14oz Open Ground 28/01/2018 71.43%

Latest Photos